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  • HS-500A Marcell Cellular Connected Monitoring System

MAR-500A Marcell Cellular Connected Monitoring System (does not include a Remote Wireless Water Sensor)

2.00 LBS
$6.99 (Fixed shipping cost)

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 Remote Monitoring for Any Property

Temperature | Humidity | Power | Water

 No> Phone Lines or Internet or Modem or Wi-Fi or Cable Needed

Immediate notifications via your choice of email, text or phone call.  > Up to 9 alarm notifications can be set up to ensure that your alert gets through, providing you time to address any problems before damages escalate  > All notifications can be customized to suit your needs.  > Unlimited access to a cloud-based server to monitor your property on a computer, tablet or smartphone from anywhere in the world

 The MAR-500A Marcell Cellular Connected Monitoring System monitors the temperature, humidity, water and power status in your remote home, business, vacation property or other sensitive property.  No phone line or internet connection is required.  The  MAR-500A Marcell Cellular Connected Monitoring System communicates to an internet cloud application via an internal cellular modem already connected to the largest wireless cell phone carrier in the United States.  The MAR-500A Marcell Cellular Connected Monitoring System sends pertinent data multiple times per day to your cloud account where you can monitor the environment in your remote property any time you wish over your computer, laptop, tablet or smart-phone. 

The MAR-500A MarCELL Cellular Connected Monitoring System includes its own low-cost cellular plan.  Sensored Life has negotiated an agreement to operate on the largest cellular networks in the US to provide the broadest possible coverage. You select the type of plan that meets your needs (monthly, seasonal or annual). Plans are as low as $8.25 / month and there are no long- term contracts required. Click here to see details on the subscription plans. (Plan will open in separate tab).

Note this item does not include a Remote Wireless Water Sensor 




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