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Loss Control Specialists, Inc. (LCS) was founded in 1986 and is located in Iowa City, Iowa.

President and Founder of LCS, Jim Riggert, began his career in 1978 working in property claims adjusting. Jim recognized many insurance claims and losses are preventable with proper protection and established LCS.

Jim has given numerous presentations throughout the country to insurance groups and associations conveying the importance and benefits of safety and loss control programs.

LCS has teamed up with major manufacturers and distributors to provide quality loss control products at cost effective prices.

Initially LCS provided lightning and surge protection products, but due to client interest, expanded the business to include fire extinguishers, smoke detectors carbon monoxide and other fire safety items.

Since its inception, LCS has provided millions of dollars of safety products and services to insurance companies and other businesses. LCS has assisted hundreds of clients with safety products and programs. Insurance companies recognize that a proactive loss control program will benefit policyholders, agents and business profits.