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Web Based Safety Products Program

Loss Control Specialists has developed a program to assist your insurance company with providing quality safety products to policyholders through your website.  We develop a landing page (web page) for your mutual directly linked from a “Loss Control” or “Safety” tab on your website.  The landing page will have the look and feel of your company.


  • Many insurance companies make loss prevention recommendations, but do not have specific products or resources for policyholders to acquire quality protection equipment.  Too often, they end up not buying anything or purchasing inferior products from discount houses. 
  • Our program allows policyholders and agents to easily purchase safety products directly from your website’s landing page.  When they decide to purchase an item, they are directed to our website from your landing page.  We will bill and ship the products directly to your policyholder – No inventory or billing issues, we handle it all!


  • You select the safety and loss prevention items you want to promote.  Rather than rely on policyholders to purchase a product that may be substandard, you are assured they are receiving a superior product at a reasonable price.
  • This program provides assistance to bring traffic to your website from agents, policyholders and prospects to not only view available safety products, but view all the services you provide.
  • For any underwriting requirements, list what you require to obtain or maintain coverage for specific risks.  For example, if your underwriting standards require a monitored freeze alarm for unoccupied winter cabins or resort property, we will offer a quality product to your policyholders to meet those requirements.
  • Be Proactive!  Reduce claims and losses before the occur and generate goodwill with your policyholders! 
  • Contact us today!  We provide a low-cost easy to implement  your safety program.


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