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  • SEN-100-W Remote Wireless Water Sensor for the HS-500SL Marcell Cellular Connected Monitoring System

SEN-100-W Remote Wireless Water Sensor SPucks

SEN-100-W Remote Wireless Water Sensor SPuckĀ®
0.50 LBS

Product Description

Wireless Water Sensor Pucks (SPucks®)

Optional Remote Sensors for the Marcell® Cellular Connected Monitoring System 

These remote wireless water sensor SPucks® are a great add-on to the Marcell® Cellular Connected Monitoring System.  Simply place these small, battery-powered wireless sensors behind toilets, under sinks, next to hot water heaters alongside your sump pumps or anywhere you could have a potential water problem.  You are notified immediately if water is detected.  It is wireless so installation is a snap.

 When a SPuck® senses water it immediately communicates with the MarCell® system.  The MarCELL® system immediately makes a cellular call to a main server to report the issue. The server then looks up who you wanted notified in the event of a problem and takes the appropriate action of making phone calls, sending text messages, or sending e-mails.  Up to 9 notifications that you have previously specified will be sent out.

    • Up to 16 SPucks can communicate with each MarCELL unit.
    • SPucks can be located up to 200 feet from MarCELL.
    • Uses a standard coin cell battery.
    • Up to 5-year battery life.
    • Low battery and lost communications notification.
    • Additional SPuck sensors for Motion
    • Detection, Windows & Doors Coming Soon.
    • Monitor larger properties with additional temperature and humidity SPucks.


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